Stewart Park

Back in the (show) Saddle

Though I’m not a saddle maker…! It’s feeling good to be looking forward to being back in City Park in Kingston for the Artfest show on Canada Day weekend. Time again to dust off the outdoor tent and rig and get it back in the sun under the trees at city park.

The show might be a bit smaller as artisans have struggled to keep afloat over the past two years. We are so used to working alone in our studios but every month or so we break out into a show alongside each other, catching up, exchanging news and getting inspired for new work.

We are looking to stay safe and being outside affords the opportunity to keep distant and have summer air blowing through our booths. It will be great to have folk wander up and down the paths in the park, able to browse, meet, chat and shop in what has always been a Summer tradition.

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