Handmade Leather Bags

Leather is a fascinating material that impresses the senses of touch and scent.

The creative process begins by choosing my leather directly. A wide variety of thin to thick hides are necessary to provide strength, comfort and flexibility in each design.

The chosen products are made almost exclusively with cowhide, and textures of other leathers are often used as decorative accents. All the bags are lined with a durable fabric and in the final assembly process they are double stitched.

My style includes asymmetrical design, negative cutouts, applique, lamination, and multiple combinations of contrasting colours.

While making useful, practical bags and belts, my focus emphasizes attention to artistic detail along with relevant decorative design, stitching, and trim to complete each piece.

As an artisan, it is crucial for me to evolve from experience and advance the quality of my work.

                                                                      Ron Tidrow

Loop Bags Two Pink

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“Superior craftsmanship.  Beautiful attention to detail.  Pure perfection!”